Vice-Chairman's Message:
Shree Sai College of Education & Technology is an institution that aims at the complete development of the student and our staff are handpicked and trained to ensure that the students are given every possible support in all their endeavors, academic or otherwise. It is a multidisciplinary institution and this also ensures that the students have ready access to a wide range of academic material. In this age of technology, knowledge is just a click away and we ensure that every student of the college has only the best of technology at his/her disposal. The comfort and health of the student community, both mental and physical, are given utmost importance. A student of Shree Sal College of Education & Technology will lack nothing in terms of support from the management and staff. We aim to lend a gentle guiding hand so that our students recognize their inner potential and grow of their own accord into stalwarts of tomorrow's society. An alumnus of Shree Sai College of Education & Technology is sure to be knowledgeable, confident and fully equipped to deal with the real world and excel.

Smt. Manju. Mavi
Vice Chairman
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